Start the new season in Sydney with our six favourite hair styles. For Spring/Summer 2016/2017 long hair, bob or trendy lob hair styles are our favourites and our hairstylist will make you look amazing.

The most prominent trend in hair colours is the fact that most appear to be perfectly natural, whether we are looking at a blonde or especially the browns.

1. Blonde: This may appear intriguing, but practically all shades of blonde are more than acceptable for the season as they appear in everything from a strawberry blonde to an ash, a dirty blonde and platinum. Blonde comes in golden and in muted.

2. Brown: Just as with the blonde, the brunettes are also allowed to wear their hair as they wish, for it is seen in multiple different shades throughout, from the darker, near black coloring to the lighter, chestnut appearances.

3. Ombre: A lovely continuation of getting lighter as you move lower, the look is certainly a great way to color it up. The best ombre or balayage is with blonde, the roots being a dirty blonde themselves or a light chestnut colouring.